Installed Irrigation System

Sprinkler Installation Services



If you are interested in installation, please know that we will not be able to perform any installations until July. If you still would like to request an estimate, please know that we have a half-hour minimum charge of $130. That money will be deducted from the final bill if you choose to go with our services. Estimates will not be provided until the middle of June.

Yard with Irrigation System


At the beginning of each year, we'll activate your sprinkler system to ensure everything is running properly. We'll turn the water on and run a full-spectrum inspection on the backflow, zones, programming, and controllers. Our activation fee is $130 for the first half hour, which includes all the standardization procedures and fine tuning of sprinkler coverage. Any additional work required will be charged time and materials.


Make sure your system is ready for winter with our sprinkler winterization service. Water is completely drained from the pipes, and shut-off value inspection prevents water from getting by. We charge $130 for the first six zones and $7.00 for each additional zone thereafter and guarantee that when working with PVC materials, water is completely drained from all pipes.


303 Sprinklers repair services include head replacements, mainline repairs, all underground pipe repairs, backflow, and shut-off value repairs, along with controller diagnosis and replacements. We also offer manifold rebuilding. We can also perform water pressure diagnosis and repair, root constriction repairs, wiring troubleshooting, and zone malfunction repair.